Astrid Verheusen

Astrid Verheusen is the Executive Director of LIBER Europe. Her experience includes 16 years at the National Library of the Netherlands, where she (among other projects) led the implementation of mass digitization: 100 million pages of books, newspapers and magazines digitized between 2001-2011. Astrid has extensive experience in the information and library sector and is driven by complex policy issues. She is always eager to make programs and projects successful in a constantly changing environment.

Friedel Grant

Friedel Grant is Senior Communications Advisor at LIBER Europe. She draws on 15+ years of journalistic and communications experience to champion the causes and projects of most importance for LIBER and its Europe-wide network of universities, national libraries and research institutions.

Patrick Hochstenbach

Patrick Hochstenbach is a comic artist, programmer and digital archivist at UGent Library. During the day he creates open source software for libraries, in evenings he creates open licensed illustrations.